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tenant from hell & hades has vacated.

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Hello all.When under verbal attack from a thugee tnt the support from colleagues was utterly invaluable. It's a lonely place walking a tightrope across a chasm when the tnt blocks normal options whilst keeping housemates under a constant barrage of sabotage. I was the last bastion, so I came in for particularly nasty harassment because I took up their concerns & took the tnt to task about dreadful bathroom etiquette. We all endured 10 days of horror as the S21 deadline fast approached. I didn't flinch & plainly stated i'd be in attendance to retrieve keys, etc. At midnight the culprit was seen loading up taxi's & disappearing into the night air. Keys left on hall hook. Bedroom empty, SOT form duly signed & left on bedroom floor.
I followed the terms/c outlined in the AST & been again very thankful for the detail therein..belt & braces type of thing.
Also grateful for James [LAT] patiently answering my 'whot if' questions and for the prayers & positive thoughts that were kindly sent my way by colleagues.
Every bit helped. What swung it was that for 4 years I'd always kept to every appointment with this person, followed through on every promise, returned small over-payments in rent [ done to test me I'm sure], delivered what I'd promised to replace within 48 hours. Therefore he believed [ rightly so ] that I'd follow through on my explanations/promises about the future action i'd take if he didn't VACATE on the stated day & time.
The tenants haven't come down off the ceiling yet & I'm going there later with celebration cakes. They proclaim that they have been 'delivered from evil'.

03/05/2018 15:13

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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