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PCOL Completing the form

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Trying to complete the PCOL and found out that it has taken quite a while just to complete online. Small boxes to enter the details in and often if you enter something wrong like the date or miss a box when you click on Continue or Save all the information entered disappears.

So, a little advice for anyone, type it up first in Word or similar and then copy and paste - at least I will also have a copy of what I entered as I am unsure if when I submit it I will be able access it again.

However, I have come up against a problem in the Payment History section. Not sure what it is asking for....

Payment Details
Date Payment Due *

Amount Due *

Amount Paid *

Accumulated Arrears *

I know what to put in for Accumulated Arrears(what the tenant owes).
For Amount Paid - Is this for the total rent he has paid so far?
For amount Due - what is this? Is this different from Acc Arrears?
What is Payment Date Due - Is this when the rent is due - like the first of the month?

Thanks in advance for replies. Thought I had cracked this!

03/05/2018 20:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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