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Dear Sirs,

One of our tenants has been unable to use our property's electric oven (for some three weeks), partly due to delays in securing access delays, partly due to no-shows by our nominated tradesperson. (She has had use of the property's gas hob and her own microwave in the meantime).

Despite the repair delays that have now accrued, we have freely acknowledged in writing to the tenant that (1) the oven is indeed a listed facility of the house and (2) it is our clear intention to have it repaired (and with expedition, given that three weeks have now elapsed).

Our tenant has been further antagonised by a no-show yesterday evening (understandably) and has now announced that - on a unilateral basis - she will arrange for the repair herself and deduct it from the rent.

Can our tenant to this?

We have explained to the tenant that for reasons of insurance, overall liability, cost control, workmanship guarantees etc that we could not authorise repairs on this basis.

We should mention that the tenancy agreement is a 2015 RLA Deposit Guard version. We should also mention that we will be using an alternative tradesman in future

Please advise.

05/05/2018 08:12

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