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RTM set-up and obtaining leaseholder details

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Hi there,

I am a leaseholder in a large development of 385 flats, which consists of 2 buildings. Each building has their own RTM company. The RTM company I am a leaseholder of has one director. The other building's RTM Company has three directors. Both buildings are managed by the same external property management company. Whilst the service charge budgets are kept separate, the buildings are managed together (one on-sight maintenance team, directors' meetings are held together and AGMs held together). Decisions and works and all operations are done jointly.

At the moment, the directors of the RTM Companies have no way of independently communicating with the leaseholders they represent. The RTM Companies hold no contact details for the leaseholders. The management agent obviously has contact details of all leaseholders as it collects the service charge and sends out email and postal communications from time to time.

The management agent is a long way off perfect, but is generally pretty good. However it would seem to make sense for the RTM Companies to have the ability to communicate with its members away from the management agent it employs. We have asked the management agent for the leaseholder details, but they have refused.

A few queries we have:

- Is it normal for a RTM Company to hold (or not to hold) a list of contact details of all leaseholders?

- Can a RTM Company demand the contact details of the leaseholders it represents from the management agent?

- We're aware of upcoming changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (May 25th 2018) so we want to stay on the right side of regulations, but also retain and maintain control or our development.

At the moment the management agent arranges and chairs the AGMs and directors meetings and generally calls all the shots, with little control in the hands of the two RTM Companies. It would be great to know whether this is standard practice and/or what is an example of best practice. We have lots of interested leaseholders who are keen to make the development as good as it can be. But because it's so large and the current situation, it's hard to communicate and get organised!

Thanks in advance..

05/05/2018 11:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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