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My tenant has received the periodic end of tenancy 90 days notice plus a copy of the landlord licence and Gas safety certificate epc. She has applied to Liverpool City Council for social housing. My tenant is 65 years of age. She knows I need to sell my house as the mortgage term has ended. 2 years ago. I have extended the term of the mortgage but the Lender has given me until August 2018. She hasn't vacated or advised me that she has not been able to find another property. I received a call from a letting agency asking for a reference. I couldn't confirm she had rent arrears of £2,200. It looks like she hasn't been successful getting a property from a private landlord. She want's to be housed by the Council. I think she is playing me against the Council. What do I do to get her out of my property. My property is for sale but due to the state of the house I have had to stop viewings. The house and garden is a mess. Many thanks DJ K

07/05/2018 22:05

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