Tenant gives notice on Friday, of a Sunday leave date

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I received the following - out of the blue - in a text message from my tenant yesterday (Friday):

"Hi xxx, hope you're well and making the most of the sun! Obviously our tenancy is running to an end on Sunday, just wanted to let you know we'll have moved out and cleaned it by then! You've been a great landlord and we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in the house, if you have any queries, just let me know! Hope you have a great weekend!"

I replied saying that a formal check out needs to be done and they should give me at least a month's notice (their 12 month AST ends on 13 May). They have not replied. I can't believe this. Has anyone else been in this situation? Grateful for any advice on how I should handle this.


12/05/2018 12:01

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