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We have a property that currently has 5 sharers (students). We also have a contact starting September for 5 sharers.

This now becomes a Mandatory licensable HMO in October. However it will not meet the ammenity schedule due to the lack of a second toilet. The only way to add a toilet would be in one of the rooms therefore making on 4 available rooms. 4 sharers does not need a licence but does need meet all the other ammenties.

I now have the following options

  1. Apply for a licence and hope there is some leeway with regards to the 2nd toilet. or face the fines for not complying.
  2. Cancel the upcoming contract and deal with the consequnces or breaching the contract
  3. Not apply for a licence, take the 5 and hope the council is too busy for a year and then take 4 sharers.

It seems I either break contract law or housing law!

Any advice or suggestions welcome


14/05/2018 11:26

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