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House to HMO that was 2 flats

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I have just bought a 4 bed house (2 floors) in Croydon that I plan to change into an HMO.

Croydon dont have selective/mandatory licensing (although from October I know I will need a government one) and they have confirmed that I don't need an HMO licence from them because it is less than 3 floors, I just need to do their money-grabbing landlord registration.

Turns out that it the previous owner tried to let it as two flats. Current tenant knows that the council came in and told previous owner to put it back to a house because he had no planning. There is a downstairs kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs there is a box room that was previously a kitchen. That kitchen was ripped out to comply with the council's demands apparently.

I want 3 bedrooms on 1st floor and 3 on ground. The box room is to be reinstated as a galley kitchen and an additional WC installed beside the upstairs bathroom.

My question is, could the council object in any way, since it appears they previously asked for the kitchen to be removed upstairs? If it is an HMO then there is no upper limit on the number of kitchens and bathrooms I would presume!

I would be interested to know the history of that enforcement but I don't want to alert the council just yet. How could I easily find out if there is some order against the property?

15/05/2018 14:52

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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