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city council billing me wrong

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hi guys, can you help

a few years back i rented my home out to another landlord on a lease option. the lease option stated he would be responsible for all payments to the property, including paying council tax.

long story short, i got my property back from this guy, after his 3 years option ran out... then about 6 months later i got a letter from my council saying that he has paid the first few months bill, but did not pay anything else. so about £3000 was outstanding for nearly 3 years worth of council tax.

apparently they tried to chase him for this money but when he went bankrupt they have turned to me.

i showed the council the agreement that we signed but they are still stating i owe the money.

i then asked them the question (via email) why have they taken over 3.5 years to come to me. i have several houses with my council, have a landlord ref number and have been on the phone countless times paying other council tax bills for my other buy to lets. (too date they have not answered.

so guys can you please advise.

  1. do i owe the council this money if i signed a legal document with this other landlord.
  2. if they have taken 3/5 years to contact me (if i do owe) surely i am entitled to braking the payments up ?

thanks in advance for your help


18/05/2018 13:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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