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My tenant phoned me last night at 19:10 saying the boiler had stopped working and she had no hot water or heating. I tried to get my normal heating bloke out, but he's away on holiday until next Thursday (24th May). I tried a few from the web, one quoted me £185 per hour, the other sounded drunk but wanted a £60 call out charge.

I explained to my tenant it was late on a Friday night, she replied its an emergency I have to deal with it. She's claiming as shes a single mother with a 7 year old, she shouldn't be left with out heat or hot water. Its the warmest two days of the year (hitting 20 centigrade) and a few days without hot water isn't going to kill them, its Durham not Aleppo.

I said it wasn't an emergency, she said it is....so what actually constitutes an emergency? How long do I have to deal with this boiler breakdown? I want to wait until next Thursday 6 days) to get my own plumber out, can I? or am I forced to pay through the nose for an emergency plumber off the internet?



19/05/2018 14:16

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