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Ive just recieved an odd looking invoice form YHN (the council department that runs the maintenance on two of the flats I own).

Its gives and estimated cost, and under the column actual cost just states 'to be notified'. Ive just had a phone call from them saying I have to pay. I explained I didn't realise it was an invoice that required paying, thought it was an estimate, as it says 'estimate'.

They've told me I have to pay the estimate, and that any over payment will be credited back to me in September.

Now I'm a bit annoyed by this, surely they can't just send out estimated bills and force people to overpay them with an 'we'll refund the difference in 6 months'? Whats to stop me then saying "well I'll jsut underpay the estimated bill, and refund the excess in six months".

If they do this to everyone who has a tenancy in the flats, landlords and leaseholders) they'll be raking in £10s of k, all earning them interest instead of the landlords.

Can I force them to issue me with a correct bill? Do I have to pay this estimated bill?



19/05/2018 14:26

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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