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Hi Chris
Just read of an idea of renting to hospital doctors. In mu area the hospital trust had to give up providing accommodation for circulating doctors & their families because they literally trashed the flats, houses, rooms. Not deliberately it was thought, just over-use & children left to their own devices for too long. Over-night guests sofa-surfing seemed to be prevalent. I do know that the housing officer & her staff were made redundant & the work outsourced to a very competent Agency who couldn't manage [on the percentage charged] to keep up with the maintenance required.
Over 3 years, the Agency was brought to it's knees by the task of keeping above-board. They pulled out of the deal that seemed on the numbers of properties involved to be very lucrative. Rotations of medics happen at exactly the same time each year which is helpful to know. The danger is that the medics use the accommodations carelessly as so much is deducted from salaries, for very basic very depressing provision. Medics work long hours & need spare time for sleeping not for cleaning.

I was used as a consultant pulling options together for the hundreds of Units. The result was they were sold off, or re-branded, or re-integrated into the Trust for mental health provision. They were never again used as domestic accommodation. The housing stock was of modernish [70-80's] construction & not robust enough, or sturdy enough for repeated deep-cleaning, radiator replacement,or the re-plastering work needed. Bored children can get up to a lot of mischeif.

Good luck with your enterprise.

21/05/2018 14:45

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