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In your model privacy notice you don't include tenant referencing in the data categories table. I have drafted something (below) for the "Other" section at the end of it and wondered if this seems right?
I also wondered whether this is something that requires explicity consent or whether it can be covered under legitimate interest?

"Referencing information

  1. I will ask for your consent to undertake referencing which is conducted by a third party (Rentguard)
  2. I will give to Rentguard your name(s), phone numbers and email addresses
  3. Rentguard will contact you to collect information and will contact others to collect information about you
  4. Information collected will include verification of your identity, verification of your employment contract and salary with your employer, verification of your current and previous addresses through the electoral register and other means, verification of your bank and savings accounts, information about loans and your creditworthyness and financial risk-score, information from your current and/or previous landlords about the dates and rent payment history, whether the property was well treated and your suitability as a tenant, details of any bankruptcy or county court judgements against you.
  5. Rentguard will additionally draw their own conclusions about whether you can afford to rent the property and whether or not to approve you as a prospective tenant
  6. Rentguard will pass a report containing this information to me
  7. I will use the information to judge your suitability as a tenant.
  8. If the information is incomplete I may ask for your consent to receive further information, including copies of bank and savings account statements and/or payslips, permission to contact former landlords to obtain similar reference data."

21/05/2018 17:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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