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I let my property in May 2017 for a 6 month period on a short term tenancy . The tennants were found by a tennant find service at our local letting agents. They paid the first six months rent in one go, not our preference but we agreed. The problems began in Nov 2017 when renewal was due. We offered them another contract which was signed. They then didnít pay the rent for that month until 5th Dec. No s/o has been set up despite their continued assurances that it would be. They made a payment of £67.50 not the £675 due for Dec on 12th Dec. Then we did not get any more rent until we served a section 8 in March. They then paid £1000 cash. However the tenancy agreement has expired, so they are I think, legally entitled to a periodic tenancy. We have had loads of emails promising it will be sorted, paid in full, giving the most amazing reasons and excuses but we have had enough. They promised to pay £1000 again last weekend but when we asked how they intended to pay the remaining arrears of £3000 arrears went incommunicado again and no money has been received. They are very plausible liars I think and have 4 young children. Weíve tried to be accommodating but we are paying a mortgage on this property and canít afford for this situation to continue. How can we get them out and recover some if any of our money? Sorry for the long post.

21/05/2018 20:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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