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​Hi, I expect you will have more people joining you as I'm spreading the word. My friend has joined this morning so she can access your form which I did yesterday and I've passed your details to lots of other landlords who did not think this legislation applied to them until I alerted them, and a couple of agents who have also struggled with it - despite advice from ARLA,

So thank you very much for all the hard work you have done on our behalf to make our lives easier. I began this last year when I joined the ICO, bought a safe and started trying to write up 'the document'. I increased my efforts in March and since then but it seemed a really tough thing to do for a novice like me on legislation.

Though it still took me the best part of two days and I only finished in the early hours of this morning having crashed my computer yesterday with it - too many files open! I also could not find the document as I just clicked enable editing on yours, modified it and then lost it so according to my husband I might have been saving it to your computer all along and not mine! I wonder how many others did that?

Bit like the Right to Rent when we all had to put our immigration officer hats on!

Struggle though it was it has made joining the RLA more than worth the £79 subscription a year.

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25/05/2018 13:15

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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