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My Tenant received a repossession order from the court giving Thursday 24th May to have moved out by. They have left the property and removed their furniture but still have a couple of boxes in the property and they haven't returned the key. They said I would have it today, now they say it will be Monday or Tuesday when they have time to collect the rest of their things (the couple of boxes). The tenant owes me 3k rent arrears and they have damaged 2 or 3 rooms (ripped wallpaper/plaster off walls as a leaving gift). Is the property now legally mine again as I have a key and want to get in to assess the damage, I don't want to wait until it's convenient for them as I am back at work come Tuesday, if I enter the property am I breaking any laws? They can gladly come for the rest of their belongings when they like but I just want to get in there myself. Any help appreciated.

26/05/2018 00:30

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