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Hi All,
After a bit of advice on best way forward with my tenants.

Tenants stopped paying rent in February, initially served a Section 21 and followed shortly after with a Section 8. We are now at the stage where both notices have expired and the solicitors are going to start legal proceedings. However the tenants have texted me to say they will be leaving by next weekend. What would happen if they vacate after legal proceedings have started? Could I assume an implied surrender if they return their keys and take their belongings and then regain possession of the property? Or would I still have to wait until the court process concludes to regain access to the property regardless of whether they have vacated early?

The tenancy is still in its fixed term and the tenants ignore pretty much all contact - I have asked them if they would sign a surrender but have had no response. I am also a little hampered by the fact that the property is a few hours drive and Iíve just had surgery so I canít meet them face to face at the moment.

28/05/2018 18:23

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