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I have a tenant who moved into a property on 1st July for 3 months after the Landlord vacated for a year. The weekend they moved in a smell of gas became apparent, we called the Boiler people as it was under guarantee still they came same day and replaced the leaking valve.
It was then reported that the small lean to conservatory was leaking and they could not use the room.
They then reported a leaking tap in kitchen and ignition switch on cooker kept clicking.
I contacted Landlord on all accounts and he authorised all repairs.Over the period of a week all problems were looked at and parts ordered for tap and cooker.
Conservatory unfortunately leaked again much to the tenants annoyance after the initial repair was carried out.Contractor agreed to come back 4 days later and has since fixed the problem.
In turn she has refused the plumber entry twice to fix cooker and leaking tap due to her having to go to work ! Stating as she didnt know him she felt un easy leting him into the house.
I received a phonecall last week asking for an additional month due to their new house not being ready yet, however she wants the final month at half price due to the inconvinience caused by the problems. Landlord has said no as he has agreed for all work to be carried out at the property. I advised tenant of this today and now she is threatening to withold Septembers rent so she gets a discount. I have obviously told her she would be in breach of her tenancy if she did that and her reply was so is the Landlord he must have known about these problems before he moved out of the property in May.
I have asked her to put her grievances in writing to the landlord. Has anyone else got any further suggestions?
All advice would be appreciated.

28/08/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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