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I gave a 12 months AST in January 2014 and served the S. 21 Notice at the same time. The rent is met by Housing benefit. At the end of the tenancy, no new written tenancy was issued and the tenancy continued on the same terms and conditions. In January 2018, I increased the rent by serving the S. 13 notice. Under the Property Licencing scheme, the council visited the property recently and issued a notice wanting me to carry out certain repair work but the tenant is now becoming difficult in terms of getting appointments for the builder/roofer to view the flat and starting the work. She asks them to come either at 8 a.m or after 6 p.m. The work must be completed by 15 June 2018. She also says that during the work, I should provide her alternative accommodation at my cost. Can I:

  1. offer a one bedroom studio flat (suitable for 2 people) in the same location? (she has a 11 year old daughter; and
  2. If I want to evict her, should I serve a new S. 21 Notice?; and
  3. Could she defend the case on any grounds?

29/05/2018 19:25

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