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Hi, bit of an awkward one but here goes. We own a block of 3 flats. Upstairs are 2 flats, 1 is rented to a 78 year old lady, the other to her 45 year old son. Downstairs are an elderly couple. All 3 get on and are no problem. However, a man keeps turning up who is a known, theif druggie general trouble maker. He turns up to see the man in upstairs flat,to get money or goods that he can sell. The tenant is vulnerable and scared of him so gives him money and lets him in. We have told this man he is not welcome and not allowed in the property. The man threatened the tenants mother and us as landlords. The police have been but the man had left. My question is can we stop this man going into the flats? He is a bully and has harassed numerous people especially elderly and vulnerable, as I said my tenant is scared of him, which doesn't help when the police are called as he is afraid to speak up. As there are people below we are also concerned for them. So does a landlord have a right to stop someone going in and how?

02/06/2018 18:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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