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My tenant has not paid any rent since august 2017. After serving a s21 notice i finally gained apossession order at behinning of may. (S21 was filed in dec 17 which the tenant defended and court hearing date was only set for beg may!). At the hearing he also got permission from judge to appeal on the basis that there is only 1 signatory on the Prescribed Information and the landlord is a company (I set up a company as landlord). I am very distraught obviously as already spent £5k and receiving no rent since august. Now will be spending more and several months delay with no certainty of winning.
The tenant has previously offered a settlement of £2500 and a good reference for him to leave. I refused before but now with more costs looming i am lost about what to do.
Can i get other landlords opinions and experiences please?

05/06/2018 17:32

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