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I am going to issue my tenant with a section 21 giving nearly 4 months notice to quit as I intend to move into the property myself. The tenant will probably wish to rent elsewhere and I may be asked to provide references. Ren5 has always been paid on time and so that reference is easy. However, despite requests to maintain the garden and keep t(e house tidy, the garden looks like a jungle and the house is a mess. I understand the ‘righ5 to a family life’ issues and do not wish to get sued for giv8ng a negative reference but would not like to get sued by a subsequent landlord for giving a misleadingly good reference. What are my options ? Can I refuse to give a reference or would it simply be best all round if I suggest to a prospective landlord that they ( with the Ageement of the tenant ) visit the property in order to make their own assessment ? Tia

09/06/2018 10:57

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