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I have rented my property through letting agent on Assured short hold TA on 29th October 2017 with clear instruction that

1) I donít want housing benefit tenants.
2) Credit reference from tenants will be necessary.
3) Duration of TA will be for 6-month duration OR 12 month duration with break clause.
4) You must comply with current How to rent (check list for a renting in England) legalisations including providing Gas certificate, deposit paper work, energy efficiency certificate etc.
After several reminders, letting agent has been provide me a copy of TA on 20th January 2018 after about 3 month of starting of TA. It is appear that, letting agent has been totally ignored my above instructions and accepted housing benefit tenants without any valid reference and comply how to rent legalisations. I am fully aware about complications during eviction of tenants if how to rent guide and other documents have not served to tenants. But letting agent is still insisting that these requirement are not necessary. Despite of my various request, letting agent failed to arrange a joint inspection. Letting agent is paying rent after 4-5 weeks late after various reminders since start of TA with excuse that they have not received rent from the tenants.
After 9-month of starting of TA, I have approached directly to tenants and learned that letting agent has been lying since start of TA. Tenants have provided me her bank statement which is clearly showing that tenants are always paying rent on time by bank transfer. For the same reason letting agent is avoiding joint inspection. It is exposed that this letting agent not honest with his business and not trustable. He is releasing rent money after 5-6 weeks using in his bank. As per term of TA rent is payable in advance. He is not replying my e-mail. I have visited his office 5-6 times. But he is not giving me even 5-minute time to listen my concerns.
In the above circumstances please advise me
1) Can I terminate management service with immediate effects? No any written agreement has been signed for a management of the property. I realized that letting agent is just deducting his commission for doing nothing. As per term of TA, letting agent failed to arrange joint inspection.
2) I have just noted that, letting agent has written his company name as a landlord on TA instead of my name. Is it making any difference?
3) What will happened to tenantís security deposit? No any documents have been provided to tenants/landlord. But he did mention on TA that, deposit is held by the deposit protection service.
4) Now I want to serve how to rent guide, gas certificate, energy efficiency certificate to tenants by me self to cover legations. Will it be ok?
5) Can I claim compensation from the letting agent for not complying my instruction, lying and wasting my time?


11/06/2018 13:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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