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tenant has terminal illness; discuss implications.

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Hello colleagues, this is an awkward one for sure. Ex client of mine has contacted to ask if I'll take back management of a property I sourced etc for him then mentored until he was confident til could do it alone. 5 years later one of his tenants [ a couple] has disclosed that she has a terminal illness. For my ex-client this is far too close to his own situation so has asked me to take over the management of the rural property.

He'd enquired why rent was late & hit by the bombshell. The couple are devastated of course & the rent is outstanding because it's felt too insensitive to pursue. I asked him is he prepared to accept HB rate for rent as from all accounts that'll be the outcome. The couple in question have no family but each other & for 5 years their landlord has been their professional friend. They've never owed a penny in rent.

This guy is thinking I'll take the acute stress on....on his behalf. I'm very wary because asking for rent in the months to come will be acutely embarrassing. Apparently the tenant is in floods when the landlord called around when the wife was in hosp for tests.

I wondered if colleagues had heard of similar, or experienced similar. The bottom line is he won't sell because he doesn't want the guy to lose his wife AND then his home. Neither have been in good health for 3 years... the legacy of a long-term forever- home let is what happens when ill health occurs. Both are in receipt of Benefits which confounds the issue & they live very modest lives wrapped up in their forever home.

Comments, suggestions please. A moral maze for anyone that does long-term forever [ till death us do part] home lets. Student & YWP lets bring their own challenges...this issue outclasses all other problems.

11/06/2018 20:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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