ok got a hearing date as tnts submitted a defence to S21

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My question is about my effective preparation for my 30 min hearing on the day. I'll be lucky to get 10 mins of that time.

1] Should my verbal submission to the Court be based on my documented proof [ as submitted] which clearly refutes their claims 'they weren't told about XWZ[ The relevant clauses in the AST they signed & I submitted prove otherwise].

2] Do they have to be able to prove their claims made in the free text boxes of their defence form? Claims they weren't told the landlords proper names, the owners proper names, weren't told about the LA's role in the property.[ The fact there was a Rent Charge against the property was included in the 2nd AST & referred to on several occasions during the last two years].
The info re owners/landlords is stated in the current AST [2016

3] I intended to state the above...just wondering if the Court is looking for something extra from me. I can only reiterate the evidence I've submitted previously.

4] Does anyone know the running order, the protocols, who goes first. Is there guidance out there I cam read to aid my preparation. I've waited a long hard time for this I can well represent myself in Court if I know the ground rules, or mode of operation...where does the burden of proof lie for example. Is weight given to unsupported claims or factual evidence?
Many thanks to those able to comment.

14/06/2018 14:54

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