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We have been advised by a tenant that her tax credits have been reduced to a point where she cannot, now, afford to pay the rent on our property.The tenant has let us know that this month's rent will be two weeks late.That leaves us with unanswered questions - for example

  1. The tenant has not given us notice, just told us that the rent will be late.
  2. It seems most likely that will not be able to continue, depending on whether the future can be clarified after rent is paid 2 weeks late.

Do we deal with the situation by giving the tenant 2 months notice, thereby minimising our potential loss?
Do we ask for clarification of the situation in writing?
Both the above!
Right now, we are in limbo and prefer to be organised.
The tenants are a woman and her 3 children, and I'm sure neither party wants this kind of upset to the tenant's lives.

18/06/2018 11:42

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