URGENT: Postponing bailiffs in return for rental arrears - a good or bad idea?

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I have a tenant who to put it bluntly is dishonest and has been really challenging.

He is to be evicted next Friday. There has been a section 8 executed where he now owes:
£6300 pounds and should have provided me with possession of the property last month. This is a county court judgement.

He has offered to pay £4000 today and £1700 on eviction da for 3 additional months in the property. But he is all mouth an no action. I have suggested to the estate agent that this might be the easiest way to get the money back. If I make him sign the following note and cancel the bailiffs on Friday am i exposing myself. I am an honest chap and he isnít... take a look and tell me what you think - or do i just get him out?

We Mr and Mrs xxx

Have paid £4000 towards the money judgement related to the property.
Will pay a further £2000 on or prior to June 29th 2018.

Understand that there will be a further £xxx on June 29th which we will pay by July 29th 2018.

Understand that I am now responsible for paying £27.95 per day for occupation at £xxx (mesne profits as per the court order) and that these will be paid on a weekly basis by standing order at £xxx per week to the estate agent.

Understand that missing any of the above payments will result in execution of the warrant for possession.

Will vacate the property on or before September 29th 2018.

Signed - the tenants...

Should i put any other disclaimers in here whilst they are signing? Or should I just get them out?

22/06/2018 13:23

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