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I am starting to formulate an exit letter for a tenant who owes me £6500.
I know the tenant has £4700 as he has offered it me in order to sign a new contract!
Prior to the exit letter as I really donít want to deal with the tenant again i want to suggest a storage charge or £25 storage charge for any items left in the property plus moving charges which is akin to the mesne profits (is it ok for me to advise of this ahead of the eviction so he tries to get packed and out?) via email.
As part of the exit letter i want to set out the following terms:
- From the eviction date interest on the outstanding amount will be charged at 8% per annum, charged pro rata on a daily basis.

A) is the storage charge reasonable - given that i will be advising him in advance and as i know he has at least £4500 of disposable income available to him. Or will he take this court as being an unreasonable charge? Should there be stipulations that his items will not be insured in the property.
B) The 8% charge isnít an issue? This is a standard amount especially as over £5k? Any advice on how i articulate this in the letter?

Many thanks.

25/06/2018 13:20

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