Emergency court hearing Thursday: £6500 owed, Bailiffs to possess due Friday, £6000 offered

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Thanks for all the help i am receiving here as a new member, will definitely be giving back and sharing this experience at the end of the process.

Here are the facts:

£6500 owed, Bailiffs to possess due Friday.
£6000 offered - he has booked emergency court hearing Thursday to postpone bailiffs. homelessness grounds with children 7 and 13. Not seen the paperwork yet.
He has never made payments true to his word / offer date. I have suggested that he pays the £6k and then maybe the court and I will believe him - ahead of the court date.
Further information here if required:

He has asked for two months at the property in return, and that mesne profits will be paid on time. I will not offer anything verbally or written which will cause a deadlock. Sure he will be scheming in the background too.

It was a section 8, mandatory grounds, 6 weeks have passed since court date. Unlikely that the court can delay - kids the only roadblock?

If the court delays the bailiffs how can I get the payment without exposing myself? E.g. is it a deed of surrender and suggestion that I should rebook the bailiffs immediately. Is there any paperwork exists that we can make him sign (i dont actually know what a deed of surrender is).

Advice on court prep and also signposting to any paperwork on the site would be useful.

25/06/2018 17:16

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