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Good morning I have a tenant from Nigeria in a two bed back to back terrace house. She has recently brought her family over which includes her husband and four daughters (She told me she has two children) Obviously the house is overcrowded and she has been in touch with Leeds City council to get on their housing list. For some reason the Councils Principal housing officer as been to the house and given me a long list of remedial works to do (Currently on informal basis)
The list includes the following

  1. No handrails to stairs from cellar to kitchen/from lounge to 1st floor and 1st floor to attic.
  2. Smoke alarm to be hard wired (Currently hard wired to ground and 1st floor. battery operated detectors cellar and attic.
  3. No door between living room and kitchen Requires FD30S door and frame 3 hinges self closing
  4. Need fire door and frame with self closure between living room and stairs.
  5. Bathroom door sound to be obscured (Can use a film)
  6. 1st floor bedroom need an escape window with restrictors
  7. Bedroom Needs a close fitting solid door
  8. Attic room needs close fitting solid door
  9. Need padding above door. Not enough headroom.
  10. Kitchen needs solid close fitting door to cellar
  11. Provide a fire blanket

12 Main Entrance door needs a Thumb Turn
13 Cellar ceiling needs plastering throughout to give 30 minute means of fire containment.
My question is Am i legally obliged to carry out all of the above or is some of these works just the councils wish list so they dont have to re home my tenants.
Any views and opinions would be most welcome.
The Housing officer is currently prepared for me to do the above on an informal basis within the next 28 days. If ive not done it he is threatening to serve an improvement notice at a cost of up to £350.00

27/06/2018 08:42

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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