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I bought a property part furnished, the furniture was in good condition but not new all very clean, the sofa is leather and was obviously expensive when new but when i bought the property the sofa did have minor scuffs and scratches, I have let the property now for 3 years, te tenant has purchased a new sofa and wants the old one removed she is prepared to get rid of it herself at no cost to me and i am inclined to say yes, she is always on time with her rent, never late, keeps the place neat clean and very tidy.
I have been advised by many friends in the lettings industry to tell her no she cant throw away the sofa and she must keep it in storage. She cant afford this at all!!! I know she must look after it etc etc, but my question is if she vacated the property in 5 years time, how much deposit could i reasonably caim for if she had let the sofa rot in a garage, it would mean that the sofa would be at least 7 years old.
I suppose the question I am asking is, is the bad feeling over storing the sofa worth it or not? I think not but i am in a minority!

27/06/2018 08:44

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