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I run a small Ltd company with a colleague. We rent out 8 x 1 bedroom apartments which we built and have been renting since 2016.

Our apartments seem to attract tenants who only stay short term, usually 6 to 18 months. Consequently in the past 20 months of renting certain apartments have experienced 2 or even 3 tenants.

On almost every occasion when a tenant moves out, we ask them to clean it to a professional standard. Polish every surface, clean the limescale scum, etc... This is how we hand the apartment over to the tenants, we expect to get them back like this.

However, tenants never clean the apartments to the same standard. We always have to get our own cleaners in to sort this out and we usually foot the bill for this, @ £50-£100 a flat.

I have been thinking about resolving this situation somehow. I don't want to put an inventory schedule together with hundreds of pics to be signed by both parties. This sounds like too much work.

I was wondering whether there is a clause I can put in the contract which mentions that we will get professional cleaners in at the end of the tenancy and the tenant to foot the bill.

I'm also open to other solutions if there are any.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Thank you

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28/06/2018 09:03

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