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Hello guys,

You have offered me some great advice in the past, I am after some guidance on my delightful tenant.

After being reported for the 3rd time to the environmental dept, my lovely 3rd environmental officer has told me they don't plan on visiting the flat again and are happy that I am not the awful landlord my tenant has made me out to be and there is nothing wrong with the flat. I now have a fantastic relationship with the local department and they have given me some great advice and have been very supportive.

As previously advised it's a family member in the flat and I was doing her a favour & didn't ask for a deposit (which I bitterly regret)

I finally was allowed to enter the property & I have been rendered speechless at the state of the flat, it's filthy, new oven put in when she moved in is disgusting, the brand new bathroom has huge balls of construction foam all over the place (again put in before she moved in).

I have taken pictures and wondered where do I go for here, do I approach her and ask she clean the flat? I had to open all the windows, damp clothes everywhere, stale air, I felt dirty when I left the property and obviously extremely upset.

We had a rat issue outside of one of the flats and for some reason one of the rats decided to bypass all other flats and cause damage to our top floor flat, I now know why.

I have given the pack with all the flat info and I included a sheet regarding damp, opening windows etc.

Where do I go from here?
Thanks guys

28/06/2018 09:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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