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I messed up and did not place the deposit with the DPS. My tenant left, had her deposit form me in full within 24 hours of our check out meeting, which unfortunately was 2 weeks before she said she was leaving, so then she just didn't pay the other 2 weeks, leaving me short of 2 weeks rent which I was going to pursue but realise it's hassle. Now 2 months on she writes asking for a settlement for the DPS fail of mine (I had thought the Agent was dealign with this). I was wondering what her grievance actually is, as she has full deposit back, and it seems this is a money making exercise. My question is how would courts look at this or how are they looking at this situation? I would be ok-ish with 1x deposit penalty but 3x would be excessive in circumstances. I am a new landlord and getting a right kick in the proverbial, but now looking at what best to do, as it does not feel right from the conscience side to be paying out, especially as I was encouraged to take a more heart based view and take on a tenant (single mum with kids) that often gets overlooked in the housing market. I guess once bitten twice shy.

29/06/2018 14:44

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