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I am sole owner of a BTL property with no mortgage. I have a partner. We are not married.
I would like to transfer a beneficial interest in the property to my partner in order to:
a) allocate rent to her as she is in a lower tax band
b) reduce CGT for any future sale of the property
I have read that this could be achieved by a simple declaration of trust.
A few questions:

  1. For married couples I understand there is no CGT, but for unmarrieds is a capital gain triggered by any transfer under a Dec of Trust?
  2. Assuming there is a capital gain then I would look to transfer in stages a small % over a number of years utilising my annual CGT allowance. Is this feasible ?
  3. If i transfer 10% of property does that mean i transfer 10% of rent or can the proportions be different.
  4. Is anyone with a similar experience willing to share their DoT or give me a contact who could advise ?

03/07/2018 15:19

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