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I have a house in a pretty mews setting - pretty, but the residents all live round a communal garden and most are retired. My tenant is a single mum of a 3 year old boy, moved in 6 weeks ago on a 6 month AST. (My last tenant was also single mum with small boy who thoroughly enjoyed her tenancy and was well liked in the mews). It appears that current tenant has fallen out with some of the residents due to the noise the child makes and she feels unwelcome so has been less than friendly. Tenant put up a wind break in the garden which the other residents complained about. I don't see why she can't put that in the garden, but it is about half a foot higher than our fence and other residents claim it is unsightly and bringing down the look of the area. Tenant has taken it down and I told her not to worry about it.
This evening tenant apparently shouted abuse using foul language at the neighbour and threatened to kick her teeth in etc for complaining to me about the windbreak. All residents in the mews came out to witness the abuse and yelling. The neighbour is now too frightened to remain in her house in case my tenant carries through on her threats. Chairman of the Mews Association has phoned me and told me I have to get rid of the tenant, she won't have "people like that" staying there. She threatened to call the police and report my tenant - I said I thought she should and the police could take statements and sort out anything if necessary....so they are currently waiting for the police to interview them all. Mews chairman also said she would see to it the the constitution was changed so that any future tenants had to be professionals (i.e. not non-working single mums).

I have read the AST again and cannot find anywhere that disrupting the peace or threatening neighbours would be a breach of her lease. I don't think that even if I wanted to end the lease early I would be able to.

Could you advise on what ground I may be able to / whether the Mews Association is out of line and whether they should be able to dictate who can and who cannot rent my house. It is a freehold property, with a communal garden in front. We pay service charge for the upkeep of the garden only. There are rules on eg. colour of windows for the houses so all should keep similar style.

Appreciate your comments, thank you.

05/07/2018 21:12

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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