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Hi everyone,
After 7 months of rent arrears (approaching £7,000) so far- (the Council stopped the Housing benefit of the tenant when she started work, and no rent payment were made since), we served S8 and just had a Court hearing and are waiting for the Court order from the County court (in S. London)? Will they issue a possession order and a separate money order? Are they the ones who issue CCJs?
They didnít allow a High court enforcement at the hearing, despite the huge amount of arrears. As this is our first time dealing with a COURT EVICTION any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Will the Court letter come straight to us or will it go to the Eviction company that we used for serving the Court papers? How long does it usually take for the letter to arrive?
  2. Does the Court also send their Court order to the tenant?
  3. What follows from that- what are the steps that we need to go through until we get the property back?
  4. What are the chances of getting our money back (or any money back)? Does the Court order specify that the tenant must leave and pay the arrears prior to leaving? If they donít pay, what can we do?
  5. Will the Court give 14 days for the tenant to vacate? Can they object in any way (she has 3 children)?
  6. How would we know whether the tenant has left? What checks are we allowed to do, e.g. Entering the property?
  7. Do we need to be physically present at any of the stages that follow and which? Can only one of us (husband and wife) be there?
  8. Can we serve the next papers prior to the expiry of the Court order? Or at least prepare them in advance? Which paper do we need to serve?
  9. What would be the difference between using the County court bailiffs and asking for High court transfer? Pluses vs. minuses?
  10. When can we apply for a transfer from the County court to the High Court? How long does it generally take for such transfer to take place?
  11. Is there a chance for the County court to reject the Transfer?


06/07/2018 09:28

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