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Good Morning guys

I would like some help, I literally have a nightmare tenant. Ive been in this business for 20 years, and fortunately have evicted very few due to rent arrears. That luck had to change and it all began in 2014, I let a flat newly refurbished in May 2014 to a man claiming to be a lawyer, he was employment with the city council everything checked out.

Basically, he got into rent arrears, claimed the property was unfit. We arranged contractors to go in several occasions which he refused, when the contractors eventually gained access they where unable to do some of the jobs. Basically, they did as much as they could without touching his possessions. With regards to rent arrears the agreed rent was £325 however from the second month he insisted on paying £300.00 as he it had "inadequate" heating.

He is a nightmare, he throws the law at me, Ive invited him to get the council out and I will work with them, Ive offered him alternative property whilst works were carried out but all been refused.

I issued him a section 8 as quite frankly, I was. sick of the abuse and he now owes me the equivalent of 10 months rent. He's received the paperwork he's sent numerous emails since receiving the paperwork all pretty much in same vain, (a) seems to think he can ask to remain in property (despite it having sever structure damage, his words) and ask a judge to dismiss the case and award him the rent he hasn't paid!! I know there have been a lot of changes but I'm not sure with regards to Section 8. What are his rights, I am so fed up of this fella and its only Monday morning.

09/07/2018 11:38

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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