All London Boroughs have signed Mayor's Rogue Landlord Checker.Where is the rogue tenant register?

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We deal with tenants every day and see the same old tricks being used by them all, but they don't have to face any repercussions and are all being re-housed by the boroughs.


  1. Stop paying rent whenever they feel like it - and go on family holidays and have the latest tvs etc....
  2. Don't pay the last months rent in lieu of the deposit, and we get stuck with the damages
  3. cause pests in the property by having poor hygiene, or travelling around using second hand furniture that has pests, and then we get stuck with the bill.
  4. fraudulently obtain a property by saying they are working, then suddenly as soon as they move in they lose their jobs and are trying to claim housing benefits which take soo long to assess them and they don't get the amount they were hoping for and think its ok not to pay their shortfall in a timely fashion or sometimes they don't bother to pay it at all.
  5. They don't take care of things and are always damaging the property and expecting the landlord to pay - however, we are supposed to pay some of it straight away and expected to wait until the end to deduct from their deposits
  6. They mess with the boilers leaving the filling loops on etc - We have to pay for boiler repairs councils always take their side by saying there is no proof they left it on - Well who did then?
  7. They are careless - Iron Marks on carpets, no hoovers just a bunch of sticks, don't air properties, hot pans on worktops, they allow kids to swing on kitchen doors, allow kids to draw on walls, don't bother to maintain gardens.... There is very little we can do whilst they are still there and they no it!!!! The Landlord is powerless. Give them notice and they decide to stop paying their rent - Catch 22!!!

I could go on and on. I deal with properties in East London, where tenants know exactly what a landlord can and can't do. They know there are no repercussions, they know how to work the system to their advantage. We could try and sue but they know that system as well - They plead poverty and we are even more out of pocket.

Where is the register of bad tenants????

This should be fair no rogue landlord and no rogue tenants. Punishment and shaming for both.

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09/07/2018 13:40

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