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I have a problem tenant and through RLA have served a section 21(1) notice on her. Her tenancy agreement ends on the 20 July and Section 21 ends on the 11 August. So far so good as she says she has another place :-)

The problem I have is that I saw the neighbour to my tenant on the 20 june as I thought my tenant hasd moved out, so wanted to enquire. The neighbour said she also had not seen my tenant and requested my mobile number to let me know if she saw her. Then the neighbour said her partner is in the property and smoking an illegal substance in the back garden, obviously I wanted to know more so asked more questions, as the tenant claims no one else is living there.

2 days later my tenant emailed me making all sorts of allegations saying I have been knocking on neighbours doors requesting information etc etc and wants to report me. Obviously the neighbour has totally miscontruded the information. I want to send a letter to the neighbour from my solicitor warning them that she is deiberately causing problems, however my solicitor wants £200 up front to compile a file and to give me ts and cs. How can I get a solicitor to stop this behaviour?


09/07/2018 21:23

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