Notice period for access to communal areas of a HMO let room-by-room

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At a landlords' forum last month, I asked for clarification about the notice needed for tenants before entering a property, but got no clear response. I would be grateful if you could kindly either confirm the following understanding, or set me right, please:

  1. If a HMO is on a single tenancy with all tenants named, then the landlord needs to give at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the premises (being the whole house including communal spaces), except for emergencies.
  2. If the HMO is let room-by-room, however, then the landlord still needs to give 24 hours’ notice for any of the specific occupied bedrooms that need to be entered, but there is no legal requirement to give any notice at all if only entering the communal areas (kitchen, hallways, staircases, etc.), because in that case the premises consist of the specified bedrooms, but no exclusive use of the communal areas.

Of course, we do try to be considerate and give more notice in both cases, but I really wanted to pin down the legality, because we sometimes have unhappy reactions from occupants if we need to go in with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Many thanks!

10/07/2018 13:10

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