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damp and the council

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I have just received a letter from the council saying my tenant has complained about the house he rents from me. He is claiming retaliation eviction although he reported it to the council 7 weeks after getting his Section 21.
There was a small damp problem when I brought the house in 2014, but they were already tenants and at that time could not pay the going rent and were only going to stay up to two years when they were moving in to a family owned property. I let them stay there at the lower rent. I put in new double glazed doors & windows, put in new boiler, and an air system for keeping damp at bay (it has worked in all my other properties).
Needless to say they did not move out as promised, they have not looked after the property. Offers were made to do basic repairs to the front wall which were refused and Despite many conversations and paperwork to minimise condensation they have continued to live in a way that made damp a problem.
He has never paid his rent on time, and if you dare chase him he reacts in a very aggressive way. In April he told me he could get me in trouble by reporting me to the council. As we had been unable to do proper inspections due to the amount of stuff in the house I got a survey done to check how bad it has got, the Tenant told the surveyor how to do his job and would not listen to him when he informed the tenant that he was causing the majority of the problem. It was also discovered he had his bed in the dining room which was the size of the bed.
in the meantime we were having to chase the rent every time and I decided to issue a Section 21. There was a meeting where it was agreed he was leaving at two months but we would be accommodating with the exact date.
Has anybody any useful advice, other than I should not have let him get away with all of this.
He is also saying he has not been served the correct paperwork and gas certs, which I can prove he has been served.

10/07/2018 15:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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