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Following S8, LL got the Order of possession. It states On.. Jul.... The court orders that on Mandatory ground 1. the defendant give possession of the property...

  1. The defendant pay the claimant the.... of rent arrears and .../day until possession is given to claimant
  2. The defendant pays the claimant's costs of 325

4, Total costs of .... £ to the claimant on or before ... Jul
  1. Claimant's application to amend the Particulars of claim as approved. Re-service dispenced with And it is adjudged that (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???)

The claimant recover against the defendant the sum of £.... to date of judgement and it is ordered that the defendant pay the sum of ... to the claimant in full by ... Jul.
On the right handside of the paper it says "The claimant will send you a copy of the bill of costs with a notice telling you what to do if you object to this amount. If you do object, the claimant will ask the court to fiks a hearing to assess the amount.
Payment should be made to the claimant, If you don't pay the money owed when it is due and the claimant takes steps to enforce payment, the order will be registered in the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines. This may make it difficult for you to get credit.
SO, my question is:
Does the LL need to send further letters with details of what is due and how to be paid?
Apart from the N325 for warrant of possession, Can the LL ask the court for the money to be repaid in by what Form?
Can the LL fill in and send the N325 himself if on the Order of possession under the claimant's name, it's the address of the LL's representative used up to this point?
FROM THE ABOVE CONTENT, it is not clear whether the Court has issued CCJ or not yet?Does the LL need to do anything further for the CCJ to be registered after the end of the possession date?
Thank you

11/07/2018 17:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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