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My new tenants have been very reluctant to sign and return the Underletting Covenant Form which the freeholder of my buy-to-let flat requires. I did not understand why until my own letting agent has just noticed that the form asks them to agree to be responsible for keeping to the lease, paying their rent and also the service charges of the flat! I searched back through my old emails to find this dubious new form sent to me and also the original Covenant Form which my first tenants signed (I have only had two sets of tenants so far). It turns out that this second form has altered wording done by the managing agent/freeholder, which I did not notice. They certainly did not tell me about it. Now tenants have to vow to abide by the lease as before, but also to pay their rent and the service charges, the latter not being their responsibility! So I have emailed the original (non controversial) form to my own letting agent, requesting them to ask the tenants to sign this one. Then if the Landlord and/or his managing agents object to it, I would say that I need to take expert advice on this new wording. Did I do the right thing? And could you give me some expert or experienced advice on this issue? With many thanks, hopeful Newbie landlord.

11/07/2018 18:19

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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