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Tenancy Agreement without break clause

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Milind Keer
Milind Keer
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One my friends family has been here for two years, they rent a place but now due to visa issues, they have to go move back or move to Australia. Intitially they signed a year contract and upon renewal in Dec 2017 my friend said to renew it for 2 years with 2 months break clause and remove the 6 months clause. This was agreed with the agent and landlady as well verbally stating due to visa reasons which they agreed to. And this was again confirmed with the landlady in June 2018 when he decided to go back to india and give formal 2 months notice to landlady and agent about leaving. now the agent is saying 2 month notice doesnt exists anywhere as it turns out due to mis-communication between landlady and agent, the agent did remove the 6 months break clause but didnt put in 2 months clause which means my friend got bonded for 24 months. and the mistake my friend did was signed the contract without verifying this information considering it would be there as they have discussed with both parties. and now even landlady has turned her back and saying whats on paper matters, nothing else even though last conversation they had was last month. Since, they are leaving early, agent is emphasising on breach of contract.

Now, on request, they have agreed to remove the tenant from liabilities of 24 months rent considering he pay two months rent, redecorate the whole place (painting n all but also with a vendor which landlady gonna approve, she is insisting on that) and deep clean the place. the quotes he is getting for redecorating from her vendors are in range of £1600-1800 for a two bed flat where everything is white (walls and ceiling) which is very very high.

what are the options for my friend?

13/07/2018 18:26

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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