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I have recently been informed by the lead tenant that one of 3 of my joint tenants has decided to leave voluntarily and has moved out, taken all their belongings and left their keys to the property, approx 3 weeks ago.The tenancy is a periodical tenancy.The original deposit was paid in full by the lead tenant.The tenant who left has not caused any damage to the property. The lead tenant and the other remaining tenant can afford to pay the rent and have done so, there are no rent arrears.The tenant who left has not given me notice and has no intention of doing so passing all the responsibility to the lead tenant.It has also come to light that the tenant who has left was stealing money from the lead tenants bank account, never really contributed to the rent paid to the landlord or help to maintain the property. The remaining two tenants would like a new tenancy agreement in just their names, would this be okay provided I follow the usual procedures?

14/07/2018 23:34

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