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tenants witholding rent

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good evening sorry in advance this is going to be a long one.
I have a problem with tenants in rent arrears, I have offered to collect it in installments,Ive now had facebook messages saying dont bother coming to collect any rent as we are not going to pay you any more money. They say because no repairs have been done, we had gas certs done last week as we do every year and no problem / rapairs needed on that. the roof was done last year. I asked them what repairs need doing and they said a seal has gone in the window and has condensated in between the 2 panes of glass,they said the toilets are wobbly which they must have done as both the toilets are screwed to the floor.
They also said there is mould in 2 of the bedrooms, which isn't on the photographs we took last year and won't let us in to have a look. They've also broke 2 kitchen drawers by stuffing them full of allsorts (brand new kitchen was fitted before they moved in). we asked why they hadn't reported it as we've not had any phone calls, text messages,emails,letters or even facebook messages informing us of repairs that need doing. They also said feel free to take us to court as we still not paying, They say that the local council have been in and they are going to contact us regarding repairs.The house is filthy even the gas engineer who was there last week said its disgusting in there and he felt sick, we are very lucky he actually stayed and did the check.
The tenants were annoyed with him for telling them to buy gas as he couldnt complete the work withoutit being on. I have photos from the house last year when we did an inspection but cant get any photos of now as they wont let us in.they said the council had been in taking photos of the house as its unfit to live in,we think its probably housing advice not the council, would who ever they got advice from advise them to withold rent ? Can we demand to go in and look at these repairs if we send them a letter ? Finally can we just send them a notice to quit?
Any advice how to deal with this situation would be gratefully received. I wont be able to read any replies till later this evening,
thanks in advance

16/07/2018 16:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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