Pursuit of arrears whilst waiting for new Court date

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After £3k of arrears & several failed part payments plans, wall to wall lies I decided to go for S21, get a possession order, then pursue arrears through MCOL. I won't bore you with the why..but due to a massive mix-up my case was adjourned. I was told for a fortnight. Since discovered its to be heard late November. The rent arrears by that time will be over £5k.

Of course I've complained...I won't hear the outcome of that complaint for 2 more weeks.
I'm loathe to not keep up the pressure on the rogue tnts by NOT sending rent reminders. The last one was in May when I informed them I was seeking repossession.
My question is do I keep up the notifications on rental arrears, or not bother as it's useless exercise? I feel however that for the future- if I decide to go down the S8 route, or the MCOL route, that to not be able to prove I've reminded them about the sums outstanding, may go against me. If I don't send notification of rent arrears, they may turn that against me in some way. I know they have claimed to be buying the house off me in instalments[ to HB office]. Told neighbours & have approached the LR to alter the Title. They are scum of the lowest order.

If my Court date IS put back to November that's more months without rent.They've paid £50, plus 1 months rent this year so far. Their story to the Court was that 'the payback of arrears was going well'. Dasterds.

Has anyone sent rent reminders whilst waiting for a Court hearing????? I didn't do whilst waiting for my 1st Court date because I'd fulfilled every aspect of the terms for serving of a valid S21 & thought the MCOL route was very close. Now months later, possibly even more months of waiting to get to Court....what have I got to lose by sending demands for thousands of pounds of rent owed from 2017?

Your thoughts, guidance, advice is welcomed.

18/07/2018 04:00

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