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Hi All, I am currently having a whale of a time with HSBC, with them not calling me back, giving me conflicting advice etc etc.

I am considering moving my small BTL mortgage to a new provider but I'm unsure of a few things, and hopefully some of you have done this and have the T-Shirt pretty please

1) How long does it take to move a BTL mortgage?
2) I'd like to release some of the equity to buy myself a new house, does this change anything? Mortgage is 29k, only worth 75k according to the bank, I'd like to lend 50k and get £475 a month rent, so I think all of the numbers stack up
3) Do I need to pay conveyancy fees to move a mortgage? I wasn't sure as we own it now, probably do but just checking

Any advice would be much appreciated. My HSBC mortgage is outside of any fixed period so no worries there. I apprecaite this is pretty small fry in the scheme of things


19/07/2018 13:36

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