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This has partly been covered in a similar topic, but I was looking for a more specific answer.

I have a tenant, single with young son, living in my property which is a third floor two bed ex council flat.

She requested window restrainers when she moved in, which I provided on the balcony and childs bedroom windows. She has now texted me to demand I fit them on all the other windows as her son "is climbing up the furniture and may fall out the windows".

My initial response being, "well supervise your son, move the furniture away from the windows and and lock the windows shut". Its not my responsibility to provide an absolute child proof and child safe flat. The windows do lock, she does have keys, but with the hot weather she wants the windows open.

Do I have to (legally) provide window restraints for every opening window in the flat. so the window can be opened to allow max ventilation but not enough gap for a child to fall out? or is it her responsibility to supervise her child? Not place furniture in front of windows and use the ventilation setting on the window (the window open a inch or twom, the handle is then locked down, the window is locked open a few inches for ventilation, but cant get more than a hand through the gap).



21/07/2018 12:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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